15 April 2009

Tiny Art Series - Entry 9

One part pencil drawing on card + One part Digital coloring = Dappled Light Butterfly?

Part of the purpose for me in posting a tiny piece of art everyday is to see what comes out of the very casual nature of "quick" art. The pieces are small and don't carry any of the earnest i usually put into a larger piece which has been carefully planned and composed. Seeing what comes out of my fingers when i just allow myself to doodle is very freeing. Sometimes i like the result and sometimes i don't. And sometimes, like today, i "sorta" like the image but need to give it a little digital boost.

Some people might say digital enhancement is a way of cheating. But i'm the sorta girl who says...."i don't care what's IN the cookie as long as it tastes good." For me, the end pretty much always justifies the means.

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