12 April 2009

Tiny Art Series - Entry 6

Well, at the end of a miserable, sick, unproductive week, I thought I should motivate myself to play catch-up tomorrow. I know, it's Easter. But I have some catching up to do. Posting new artwork always makes me feel accomplished. And i thought I could handle a mini tonight. So here is #6 in the series. When I get to 12, I'm going to post a collage of them all.

This one is done in gel pen on cardstock. It was fun. The gel pens are soooo smooth!!! I highly recommend. I'll be posting to my etsy site soon! You can get there by clicking here.


  1. what brand of gel pens are you using?

  2. these are GellyRoll/mediums. I just picked 'em up at the craft store to try them out. I think I'll check out what DickBlick has since I LIKES 'EM!!!! anyone have a brand they love?