16 April 2009

I Think I am, I Think I am!

Do you keep a journal? I don't. But my art tablets and zillion notebooks for my endless to-do lists end up being even better. True, I do like me a list. But the real reason I fill notebook after notebook is because I am constantly jotting down thoughts, ideas, soundbites, sketches, doodles, compositions for new artwork and the like. In the midst of all this, I will look back to find little phrases or quotations surrounded by inked stars and exclamation points.....sooo middle school!

Last week, I put down one of these phrases on watercolor paper. It received so much positive attention, I decided I would make up some others in different color schemes. Hey, if the phrase makes ME smile, chances are, it might make a few others do the same? My friend, Linda, should know that the next one planned is "Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy." Though I'm not sure that's the "correct" spelling??

Pictured above is the one I completed tonight. It's an idea that's been pressing on my mind a lot lately. Clearly the answer to the question is that we should all determine for ourselves when we feel like we've made it; accomplished our goals. But how many of us TRULY live that ideal? And how many of us let others decide for us?

I'm gonna hang this one up in my office....and repeatedly offer up the same, good answer to myself. : )


  1. I love it! I was thinking about this just today. Maybe I need one for my office, too!

  2. hi alex!
    i will be posting the art, as well as prints of the art, on my etsy site shortly!! thank you so much for the positive feedback. i truly appreciate it!!

  3. Hi Stephanie, I just bought this print at Hello Bluebird and am now officially a fan of yours!!!

    It's going up in my workspace as I'm an artist and designer too, it's inspiring, thank you!

  4. thank you diane!!!! it never fails to make my day when someone takes the time to leave a comment. i hope the piece inspires you!!!