18 April 2009

Pulled from the Archives

Mwah..Mwah...Mwah. My streak suffers today! No new art today. You will instead be treated to this piece from the archives. Its a hand-cut paper "tile" mosaic on canvas board in a custom salvaged barn wood frame built by my husband. The adorable thing about this piece is that my then-2-year-old son, Cooper, helped! We sat together for days affixing the tiles in that circular pattern. Coop would hand me the squares and happily tell me when I missed a spot or when I should "Go Faster!"
The tiles are all printed card stock arranged randomly and then glazed over to create the subtle bands of color. The whole thing was then dusted with metallic gold spray paint for a transparent shimmer and varnished for durability. It's pretty large too, about 24x36! There was a huge sense of satisfaction when I completed this. I never wanted to see a paper tile again. But, that was last year, and writing this is maybe giving me the bug again?

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