07 April 2009

Dang! Micron Pens are Teeny!

Today's post is a work in progress. At least, I think it's progressing. Ink work with all this fine detail is TE-DI-OUS. Don't get me wrong, it can be relaxing, but around-about hour 10 I start itching to see the work complete!! This one probably has another 8 hours or so. Note to self: assess my estimating abilities once it's actually complete. I've got $10 that says I'm off by at least a couple of hours.
This piece is one of 4 in a series where I'll be using my signature curlique, art deco line art in place of hair and other textural items using pen and ink. My focus will be on composition and balance of bold and delicate lines. Stay tuned for the finished piece!


  1. I LOVE this!!! I want it on notecards and tshirts and my wall.

  2. how much for a tshirt? I want that the most!

    also, I :heart: my micron pens.

  3. You are brilliant. Truely amazing! The one thing I can never seem to get on point is the under-chin. You absolutely took my breath away. Thank you!