28 April 2009

Tiny Art Series - Entry 12!

So I've hit a round dozen!! Doesn't sound so great now that I think about it. Maybe the goal should be 60 or something. Now THAT would be impressive.

This one is a pencil, marker, gel pen and colored pencil. I drew one fairly intricate branch with 5 flowers and 3 leaves and then manipulate/duplicated the image in Photoshop and layered it in multiple sizes to create the overall pattern.

I will hold true to the promise to create and post a grid/compilation of all 12 pieces here on the blog. But i'm also going to push forward to that lofty "60" goal as well!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely. This would make a beautiful fabric pattern. I'd hang it in my kitchen which is painted in the same shade of orange.