26 April 2009

Tiny Art Series - Entry 11 + a BONUS!

It was such a gorgeous day today.... hot, but just fantastic. I worked on some large scale pieces I have yet to photograph, took a break for splashing in the slide pool thingy with the little guy, took a trip to Lowes to check out swingsets, more artwork. What could be better??
So I was ambitious and completed 2 little sketchy pieces of art for today's post.

The first piece is # 11 in the tiny art series. When I hit 12, stay tuned for the collage. That should be tomorrow if I stay on track. I did a quickie colored pencil sketch on my trusty cardstock, then scanned it in and messed around with it in Photoshop because, well, that's super-fun : )

This second piece is also a pencil sketch. I got 2 beautiful anatomy books this weekend and this is one of the first sketches that resulted. I couldn't resist.

If this evening's plans see fruition, then I will be posting a completed ink drawing I began weeks ago in tomorrow's post. Wish me luck!

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