20 November 2009

From Humble Beginnings

This is a sketch i made last night using a .3 thick Pilot Hi-Tec C pen in black. i actually kinda like it just as it is...simple and quietly rhythmic.

But i wanted to test out some simple color variations and see what shook out. So i scanned the sketch into photoshop and messed around for a while....this is what i came out with in the end.

My art really always ends up being a self-portrait of sorts. It's interesting. Restrained lines, repeating and repeating, with only occasional variation, emanating from a happy core. Earthy undertones and bright, colorful surface. A psychologist would probably have a field day with me!


  1. you are what you draw? maybe..... or you draw what you are? likes!!

  2. hi stephanie! jan sent me your way and i'm so glad she did. your work is terrific - so full of color and life. just put you in my google reader - i'll be back! xo, aimee

  3. thanks aimee!!!
    i'll send you an email so we can "meet" via email : )