16 November 2009

Just In Time For Holiday Greetings

OK, so by "just in time" i really mean "by the skin of my teeth." But here is a series of blank notecards i designed with my two wonderful consignment shops in mind. Hello Bluebird, in West Reading and The Hodgepodgery, in Harrisburg will both be getting shipments of these cards over this coming weekend. The cards will also be available in my etsy shop. The art on the cards is a combo of hand-drawn and colored art and digital design. There will be 3 of each word per 12-pak (Peace. Hope. Happiness. Love.) and they'll be priced at $24/pk. The included envelopes will be Kraft brown to really drive home the idea of a handmade holiday! i hope the envelopes will encourage some fun addressing and doodling with gel pens, Crayolas, colored pencil and markers, because that's just about the craftiest, homemade envelope you could hope to receive in the mail this season, now isn't it?

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