19 November 2009

The Process of Creating a Boy

This is not a post about baby making.

This is a post showing the preliminary sketches i make before going on to ink, then finally to color. Below you can see the rough sketches i made when conceiving of 4 "Boy" words to go along with my girls' series in the same style.

I take these sketches to the lightbox and use them as a guide while i ink in some cleaner versions like this.

Once this is done (hey, that one measly sentence actually described an hour or so of work!), i scan the images and do any necessary cleanup in photoshop so that i can then add a colored background and overlay accents in white. In this case, i also ended up changing tire swing boy's verb to "soar." It just sounded more inspiring and action-y. The end results looked like this;

So tell me if seeing the process is interesting at all? Should i show you more posts like this in the future? i actually think it would be nice to occasionally "show the work" as my math-teacher mom would say.


  1. I personally love seeing an artist' process. It's interesting, just like I love seeing photos of the artisit studios besides seeing their work. I say definitely do more posts like this. =)

  2. I completely agree with Paper Squid. Please share your process:) It’s fun & interesting, maybe I can learn some new skills:)

  3. thanks everyone! i will definitely start posting more on process : )

  4. loved every second of it!!!! so darn cool to see how others work! thanks for sharing.

  5. I LOVE seeing the process. Thanks!

  6. These would make fantastic greeting cards for boys!

  7. hello!
    i really want to purchase the "share" print with the 2 boys!
    can you email me and let me know if it's possible:

    thank you!

  8. hi erik, here's a link to purchase : )

  9. love love loved it. I so admire the artistic process and giving us a glimpse is awesome.

  10. i love finding ou about other artists processes, it's fascinating, so yes please keep on adding more