12 November 2009

All Done Playing with My Blocks

Now that my charity art show is hung and i am free from it til the end of month when it comes down, i have more time to post some of the new works that were completed for it.
These 3.5" x 4" wood blocks complete a 6-piece set. i posted the first 2 a couple weeks back. it was quite freeing to do some small pieces like this because they took less time (individually) to complete than most of my work. i suppose some joy must have translated to the finished grouping, because the original has already sold and i am happy as pie about that.

The individual wood blocks were cut, sanded down using finer and finer grit sandpaper, decorated with acrylic, marker, pigment pen, gel pen and colored pencil, then waxed for a dull sheen. The sides are also painted in bright, vibrant hues. Each of the 6 pieces has a unique side "frame" color.

i hope they like their new home.

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