19 November 2009

i Wish, i Wish!

i made one more holiday card design, and i think i will use these for me. i already have lots of great wishes to fill in on cutie-pie's sign for each of my friends and family. What wishes would you make for your loved ones this holiday season?

These blank notecards with customizable fronts will be available in my etsy shop after this coming weekend. i need to print and pack them up. Should i use colored envelopes? or kraft? "i wish" for you all to share your thoughts.


  1. Oh my dear...that is such an adorable illustration. Beautiful work, love your aesthetic. I'm a pushover for kraft envelopes as well... :P

  2. I'd love to have hair like that. :)

    I think either colored or kraft would be great. So...that's no help!