13 December 2009

Li'l bit Bohemian

Am i getting predictable? Go figure, i've gone and done another series on wood boards with bright colors and a combo of organic undertones and fine, detailed illustration. This series was inspired by etsy seller, mandizzle, whose shop is filled with the most gorgeous floral headpieces and even prettier photos of them modeled by their creator!! i wrote and asked permission to use a few of these stunning shots as my inspiration for a few new pieces, and this is what turned out!

Prints are available in my etsy shop and the originals will be available at Hello Bluebird in West Reading.


  1. these are stunning, stephanie! the drawings, the patterns, the texture, the colors, the transparency - everything!

  2. thanks aimee!! we still have to "meet" in cyberspace!. it's on my to-do list for this week : )

  3. thanks khristian! kind comments, especially from wonderful artists like you and aimee (above) are so precious to me!!