12 November 2009

Beatles Said It First

i got this idea to do a series of Sidewalk Chalk inspired pieces on wood boards. i was gearing toward a very child-like feeling. (so unlike me, right?)...whimsical, very free-spirited. i had no real plan in mind when i started drawing. it was all very organic. i'm working on #2 now.
look for another post soon!


  1. love it all... the message, the technique, the colors, the lettering! super!

  2. 5.29am. i get home, get online type "out" in google and find your waves artwork which leads me to this artwork. i started the day with radiodread's st.peppers and now ,a day later i end the dream with such a sweet message to relax the eyes. thank you , this is a pure artwork , cool like punk rock :) keep doin what you do