18 June 2009

Painting Cute Faces

I just added portraits, both pencil and painted, into my etsy shop. i thought about it a lot because i had all but determined that i only wanted to list my original pieces there and not commission-able(don't think that's a word at all!) ones. Long story short, i've had a fair amount of interest in the portraits of late and i felt it best that they be represented. Now, if only etsy will come through for all the shop owners who've asked and provide a nice tool for sorting our listings, i can keep the custom work in its own private corner of the shop and not mixed in with the original pieces and prints : )

Above, you can see a finished portrait in the monchromatic style made to match the wall they are hung on in the house. Actually, the sides of the canvases (there are 3 siblings in the series) are painted to an exact match of the wall color!

i love capturing kids. It's very satisfying. i hope i have many more opportunities to do it.

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