22 June 2009

God Knows I Make & Use These!

i just recently posted tiny little illustrations in my etsy shop....so tiny, they're printed on notecards!

i am notorious for forgetting the card. Birthdays, anniversaries, even new babies arriving! i buy the gift and wrap it all pretty, and forget the card. So i solve my own dysfunction by keeping my petite blank cards with original illustration on the front in my top desk drawer. i use any random, pretty card to jot quick notes. But i recently started using the Every Occasion cards to personalize notes of congratulations!, happy birthday!, welcome baby! and the like.

i color in the b&w design by hand in a way i know the recipient will like and fill in the "sign" with a funny, personal greeting. then i write something heartfelt on the inside! its much more of a memento than a pre-fab card and i get a lot of joy from making it perfectly suitable to the recipient.

i will likely continue to add to the designs offered in this style. Keep checking back for more!


  1. YAY!!! I was hoping you'd make up some of these. running to your Etsy shop right now!

  2. i haven't put "your girl" on one yet!!! but i will have to do that right away : )