21 June 2009

Getting Crafty Pre-Father's Day

My little buddy and i spent some time together painting away today. We made a FIMO clay plaque for daddy ("i love my daddy") which coop later painted in colors he picked himself!! Well, truth be told, i did secretly hide the pink he pulled out. His otherwise masculine palette of blues and aquas and yellow was so nice on its own!! i know, i know....i can't believe i stifled his creativity, but really, the pale grandma pink just had to go!

After fingers were scrubbed and the plaque was set aside to dry, mommy got to painting herself ...um.....MY-self. I got the underpainting and texture onto a new mixed media piece in progress. Would ya look at that? It's all bright and vivid. What a surprise! I will post an update when i finish this piece. But i AM starting to like it just as it is...hmmm....

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