09 June 2009

i am bad at selling

i did my first outdoor market this past weekend. i learned a few things.

1. there are some talented crafters all around us here in PA!!!!
2. Some people are marvels of organization!!!
3. Some people are excellent at selling their wares.
4. i am not one of the people mentioned above.
5. i have a very distinct market for the type of art i create. i need to seek it out...then send my husband, my best friends or maybe even some strangers to sell the goods in my place - haha!

It isn't that i lack pride in my work or even that i don't like people. i love people! i just have a hard time making eye contact with a stranger who is almost certainly trying NOT to make eye contact with me, since that might imply they should buy something. and i have a hard time saying, "my hard work is worth x number of dollars." In short, i should not be my own repsresentative at events like this. i knew it going in. But now i am sure. Some people have a fear of public speaking...i have a fear of public selling!

So what to do?

Hmmm....i'm thinking i should make a more strenuous push toward online advertising, print advertising, blog contacting and just cranking out work that i love.....at least until my hives start to fade. : )


  1. My kids actually requested that we have a booth as cute as yours!
    Wow.. I never would have guessed that you and I are in the same boat with attempting to sell our products and ourselves. You were GREAT at the show.. I had a great time chatting with you for the short time I visited your booth (before I had to run off to chase Finn)
    You know.. I have actually bought my first self help book.. and my first sales book.. two things I would have sworn off just 5 years ago. I got a book called "You Inc."
    Its a good book.. and what I like about it is that they emphasize selling yourself.. but never altering who you are.
    One of the points in the book.. one Im still coming to terms with.. is that you are going to have to be uncomfortable to get better at it.
    Socializing can be a challenge for me at times.. selling my work is about 20 times worse. .. but I'll keep working at it..

  2. thanks Corey. i'm getting better at a snail's pace. i know it will come with time. having the first gig under my belt is a huge hurdle to have overcome!! : ) maybe i should quit art and just dress tents!!! haha

  3. First gig? Really?.. I honestly couldnt tell!

  4. your booth is so cute!!! how about if you sell my hats and I'll sell your artwork - then maybe we'd both sell more! ;-)

  5. I like how the artwork is pinned to the "clotheslines". It's all very pretty. Perhaps all it needs is a chandelier hanging over the table & a comphy couch in the corner!
    Could you get more practice helping a friend sell their art? That way you can passionately promote them & perhaps learn a few things!