11 June 2009

Loving the Freeform Watercolors

What can i say about this? Watercolor is so engaging and magnetic. It's partly a product of the medium and partly the artist's hand...throw in a little gravity, a little luck. Maybe there's a breeze in the studio that day and the paint dries more quickly. Who knows?

Since so much of my work is heavy in the planning stages and then heavy and refined in the execution as well, it's nice to let my wrist go loose with a watercolor brush in-hand and remember the happiness i get from expressionism.

When i made this painting, i only squeezed a few colors onto the palette. i was not careful to mix tones before applying them. i let it happen very organically. If i felt a need for more yellow in a swooping brush stroke, i went for it. If i needed more saturation, i liberally loaded my brush. Being fearless always makes for the nicest outcome. i also think there's a confidence and boldness that exists in knowing when to stop. This piece said just about everything i needed it to say once the loose, twisting and rising form was laid down. When it dried, i felt it needed a glimmer in its eye : ) i added the flashes of controlled white to inject a bit of my demure, controlled, yet sparkly (read: quirky) nature into the piece. Just a tiny dose was enough. Now it feels almost like a self-portrait.

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