03 June 2009

The Onion Chair

i know, i know. you're wondering why i named it the ONION chair. The very easy answer is that i think the recurring motif in the design looks like an onion...or maybe a clove of garlic?

i'm crazy. i know that. But in my head, i've come to give little designs and flourishes that i use repeatedly in my illustrations their own little names. "Pile of Rainbows", "Pincushion Blossom", "Antennae", "Star Flower." i don't do it intentionally. You should hear the inner monologue in my noggin when i'm hunkered down over a new drawing!

When it comes time to name the art, i try very hard to be organic about it. Like, if i HAD to describe the piece to a friend or needed to find it in my digital archives, what name would be logical? What would spring to mind automatically and recall the work to me??

This one is Onion Chair. i think it has character. : )

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