01 June 2009

Onto something new

For the past 2 weeks, i've been printing and packaging artwork for my very first outdoor art market. Printing, packaging, setting up print files, re-sizing, packaging. So monotonous. So now that i'm halfway done, i'm sorta sick of looking at everything. It inspired me to start on a whole new series of pieces that are different from those stacks of prints. This is the first. I've titled it simply Green Watercolor Leaves and will post prints to my shop shortly.

i'm sort of in love with the way watercolor bleeds across a page, oh-so-organically if you let it. it's unpredictable and bold and rough around the edges. i'm also in love with white gel pen. It is so perfectly controlled and glides obediently in fine lines across a dark background. i love how refined and restrained that looks.

So the next severeal weeks are likely to feature many works created in this style....until i exhaust its possibilities for me, and move on to yet another "something new."

1 comment:

  1. I love this!! As you said - so organic! But your clean lines add a modern quality...just love it :)