13 July 2009

So Not All Woods Are Alike

i want to be eco-conscious. i want to give some color love to scrap wood destined for the trash bin. i want to create sturdy, lasting art. But i know little about wood identification.

My last post was what i had in mind. Whatever the heck wood i used took the mediums used amazingly well. i was pleased as punch with myself. Today's attempt was not the same. i used a different type of wood. i have no idea what kind it was, and therein lies the problem. i don't know how to make sure i don't use it again.

Don't get me wrong, i'm ok with the final result, but i was hoping for a brighter palette. This wood absorbed the watercolor and marker and pen differently. Everything looked a bit murkier than last time. That's why i rolled into a darker-hued piece. "When in Rome...." SO this piece is more monochromatic and dark and i ended up punching the contrast with white gel pen.

Note to self: Learn to identify different types of wood and choose the right one for each project. 

i still like the little experiment/accident.  And i love fuschia/magenta, so at the end of the day, all's good in my hood. Tomorrow - new wood selection!


  1. i don't use markers on my woods but i do paint and if you don't want the wood sucking in the marker try sealing it with a clear sealer first. I would try some smaples of different woods then make a note on back of them as to how the marker came out that way you will know which ones you like and which ones you don't. I always use birch plywood for all my wood crafting-i paint small ornaments-but oak and pine are nice too. alot is just whatever you like and what works well for you. good luck

  2. thanks vicki!! i have a stack of birch plywood i've purchased just for art, but i've been challenging myself to re-use more and have started asking my husband for offcuts from his workroom. Those are the ones i have difficulty identifying. But i will try the sealer!!! Especially on the next unknown wood i encounter. Thanks! -s

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