28 July 2009


Create something everyday. That's my goal. It keeps me challenged and fills my house with handmade things. After a bit of time, you look around and realize you can mark your own lifeline with work from your own hands. It's a nice feeling.

This piece is the 2nd in what will definitely be a series of 4....and will possibly be ongoing since i cannot STOP finding words that i love and dream of illustrating.

CREATE had to be yellow because it's my favorite color and the word i identify with most.


  1. Another cute one! I love all the detail you put in each piece:)

  2. Awesome!Looked for this one on Etsy. Don't know if its sold or just not there yet. I'll check back!

  3. i really like the last few little prints. very good work

  4. Love this one! Yellow is perfect for this. Love her fluffy, swinging skirt and over-the-sholder pose.