21 July 2009

Rainy Day GIVE-AWAY!!

Here is yet another free art download. "Barefooted Hippie" is always available for sale in my etsy shop, but will be here for the taking these next 3 days only. Color it any way you like or leave it B&W fow a sleek, art deco look. Simply click the image to view it larger in your browser and then drag it to your desktop and print!

This is the 3rd in what i hope will be an ongoing series of art "gifts" to my readers. So, tell your friends and then tell them to tell their friends! A blog is only fun if it creates a interactive community of like-minded individuals and i am eager to meet lots of new people who share my love of original artworks, positive attitude and generosity of spirit. -xo!


  1. I think this one if my favorite so far.

    Love your work - I posted on my blog about your giveaways, they are so awesome!

  2. hey Perky Nihilist!! thank you!! i'd love to see your post! May i have the link? its sounds cliché, but positive feedback is pretty much what i live for : )

  3. love these!! I've started a collection :)_

  4. YAY!!! glad you like them!! I Love reading comments like this!!

  5. Stephanie,

    I have colored the Onion Chair and after my hand has had a rest, this one is next. I do this for pure relaxation...except for my poor hand! These are beautiful and am REALLY enjoying them! Thank you so very much.
    Denise in Washington

  6. these feet are awesome. thank you for this gift