04 July 2009

Papercutting, Butterflies + Kraft Paper = Me

So many thoughts go through your head in the creative process. It's a flurry of activity, like a quadrillion butterflies all flitting past your eyes. i wrote down a free-form, rambling list of some of my zillion thoughts, aspirations & words to live by and printed them onto white pages which i cut into a table-full of wings. The butterflies strike a chaotic, but beautiful form across 2 canvases wrapped in blank, brown paper. it didn't start out to be as much of a metaphor as it became. The natural texture and earthy feel of the kraft paper is me, the hippie in me anyway! The pure, un-worked thoughts and ideas clutter my focus, but in the most lovely way. They excite me for a moment, and then mostly, they are gone. i'm just lucky if i can grab one or two occasionally and turn them into artworks that i can look at later and smile.


  1. this is really different but really cute. great work

  2. Wow, I love this! How long did it take you to cut all of those out? You didn't do it freeform, did you?

  3. i cut them all out with serrated scissors. x-acto was just not the best in executing all the curves. my hands wanted more control than my fingertips alone could give : )