30 July 2009

All Aboard!!!

i am just about complete on this most unique project, which i've photographed on the floor of my office because i'm very high-tech like that. : ) i have to link the boards with matching S hooks once the bracket is mounted to the wall.
Whose wall you say? What is this all about?
Well, this is a decorative piece for an Australian-Train Station-themed little boy's room. His parents met down under. Even though they live in the States now, they wanted to inject a bit of Aussie sentiment into his "big boy room."
There are many lovely bits of decor planned in the room, from beautiful , deep red furniture, antiqued trimwork around windows and doorways, "luggage rack" shelves complete with vintage suitcases, a train station wall clock, wooden bench and then this piece, inspired by the clap-board directories that would guide you to your proper platform. i designed the piece, my helpful husband cut and routered the wood and i sanded and decorated. The back side (the one facing the bed) will be left as blank chalkboard so mom and dad can write special notes and mark important occasions on a changing basis.
The specific locations selected for the sign are special to the couple and the numbers and letters signify family members in one way or another. The child's name becomes the name of the station on the top-most board.
This will hang on the room's feature wall which will be a huge custom wallpaper mural in sepia tone of one of Australia's most well-known train stations, Flinders Station.....once we choose the perfect photo, that is.
The little guy already loves the progress in his room and it will only get better.

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