24 July 2009

All About The Show & Tell

i am about to participate in a a group showing of artworks that incorporate illustration with the written word. The title of the exhibit is "Show & Tell" and will take place at Hello Bluebird, a sure-to-be-amazing shop, set to open next month in Reading, PA. The owner, Alex McCarty is a really smart, creative lady with great ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit. Visit her site here. Revisit often.

So anyway, i've found myself sifting through all my jotted down notes and ideas for artwork. (i have notebooks full of them.) i've been searching for any ideas i've had that involve text in any way. The above piece is the most recent result. i envy writers for the perpetuity of their words. You could argue that artists make a similar impact. But i don't know, writing is just....different. In my next life, maybe i'll be a writer.

i'll list the PRINT soon in my etsy shop, so if anyone has a hankering for some art + type, stop on in!

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  1. OO! Love it! The beauty of this project is: we don't have to choose. Writing and art are completely intertwined. One takes over where the other must leave off.