11 February 2009

Improving on Greatness

Do you have a friend whose talent and ambition make you feel like a slacker? I actually have a handful of them. One in particular has been on my radar lately though. It's my friend, Adam. He eats, sleeps, breathes basketball, works in sports television and writes a fantastic website called NaismithLives.com. I'll leave it up to him to describe it in this excerpt from the site.

"We're a basketball web site for the basketball purist.

We dissect the game at all levels, from high school to the pros. We comment on day-to-day on-court performance and we place teams and individuals in their historical context.

But, most importantly, this is an area of discussion. Because even the inventor of the game himself – Dr. Naismith – was a professor. And, in his spirit, we intend to teach and be taught all about the game we love."

Despite its relative youth on the web, NL.com has been getting loads of interest in recent months. Skyrocketing web hits and multiple requests from vendors clamoring to place advertising have affirmed what was already suspected. It's a hit! In depth analysis of the sport, colorful writing and a fun approach to the game are all key components to the sheer readability of the content. So, clearly basketball fanatics and novices alike are finding entertainment here.

Now, here''s where I come in!!!
These early successes have positively mandated acceleration of brand development. So I get to take on the task of formal logo design and print marketing development that will raise NL.com to the next level! After several concepts and revisions, the above logo is pretty close to our final iteration. Yep. We like it. That's how we roll.

It's so exciting to see good people get closer to their dreams. And getting to play a small part in it is even better. So, I hope you'll visit the site here, share it with others and send all your good karma to MY talented friend while you're remembering a whole bunch of your own.

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