05 February 2009

The Eyeleashes Always Get Me

Children's portraits represent a really large portion of my commissioned work. And that's just fine by me because the subject matter always appeals. It sounds cliché, but the innocence that children have really is written all over their cherubic little faces. In my opinion, all children are cute. Most are magnetic, even in two dimensions. And sometimes, they are angelic. Occasionally, I find myself tearing up a bit as i sketch. It's embarrassing!
The portrait above was definitely a tear-jerker. The subject is a precious little one named Julia. I just love her wispy hair, her adorable little pucker and, the thing that always gets me, her impossibly perfect eyelashes. Somehow, every baby has the most perfectly curved eyelashes!? I save drawing them til last. They complete the portrait for me. Something about the sparkle and flutter they instantly add makes the whole face come alive.
Countless cosmetic companies have capitalized on the subtle importance of great lashes. I'm just agreeing. I doubt there will be a time when they aren't the "go to" accessory in my portrait-drawing arsenal. In fact, I think my new motto will be; "It ain't done til you swoosh some lashes on it."

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