23 February 2009

Halfway to Dreamland

Little by little, weekend by weekend, I am getting my son's big boy room done. Here is a shot of his wooden name plaque with backlighting. Sorry for the fuzzy photo, but I needed the room dim to show the halo effect of the lights and I just have an ol' automatic digital camera still. (Note to self: Get the new Nikon I've been coveting and learn how to use it!) This light will eventually have a short pull-cord for on and off. It's on order! The bedspread is also getting a wide lime green racing stripe down the center as well. But alas, I only have 2 hands.

Next came a hideout for the little man. He LOVES to hide. He calls it his "Fort." Anyway, I decided to encircle his big Lovesac beanbag chair (have you tried these? they are awesome!) with some curtains he can open and close. Then I wrapped some headboard pieces in batting and cloth for a soft place to lean back and to close the gap in the corner. The center piece is affixed diagonally in the corner and has a space for books on top since this is a great space for storytime. See the cool light fixture inside and the nice, low lightswtich to the right of the curtain? The headboard fabric I used is a light grey sueded snakeskin design! Fun! The top rod is just black plumbing pipe bent into an arc.

This last photo shows the comfy orange shag area rug and chalkboard-paint-surrounded mirror. The drawings are by mommy and Cooper. Can you guess whose are whose? I also marked Coop's height on the right. He loves to be measured.

Next time, I'll post pics of the still-unfinished corner desk and upholstered bulletin boards I'm working on! Then, accessories......ah.....It won't be long 'til the Dreamland is complete.

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