24 January 2009

Tough to Do Her Justice on Canvas

I started a series of 3 paintings 2 years ago and just finished in late October. I know, I'm a slacker, right? But not really. I had a great excuse.

I had posted on this painting on my old blog, so some of you have seen it before. But since I had to start fresh and give up my old posts, this was one piece I just had to post again. I'm partial, of course, because this is my niece, Ava. Ava shares my birthday and we are going to be best buds.

I completed 2 monochromatic oils paintings of Ava's older siblings quite some time ago and we had purchased a third canvas to reserve for sweet Ava, because she was a just a newborn then. We agreed she needed time to grow into her face and personality before I attempted to capture her. So we waited......and waited. I'm glad we did, because she changed so much in those first 7 months until I took a photo at her (somewhat late) christening. I knew it was the perfect source photo for the painting. Doesn't she look so sweet?

So now, the wall of siblings is complete. I am assured by my brother and sister-in-law that I needn't worry about ordering up any more blank canvases. haha! This is it. They went out on a high note for sure.

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