23 January 2009

I'm Feeling Delicious

Those of you who know me, also know that apart from my personal artwork and commissions, I also work as a freelance graphic designer. (Hey, we all gotta pay the mortgage.) Anyway, I am blessed to have some super fun clients who give me some projects so fun, they really don't feel like work at all.

I hope my client at Hope's Cookies will be pleased with this plug for his product.

If you have never eaten a Hope's Cookie, well, I am so sorry for you. They are the closest thing to homemade there is ....or better! There are tons of flavors and a singular, quaint, retail location in Rosemont, PA. The cookies are such a popular choice for gift-giving, that Hope's web-based mail order business is booming. www.hopescookies.com They will ship practically anywhere in a flash and they have ump-teen styles of boxes and tins to choose from for any occasion.

OK, here's where I come in. I have designed 2 labels for Hope's, both with a child-like, crayoned look. Now, everybody reading this needs to go online and buy up a jillion boxes and tins with my stickers!!! HaHa! The whimsical designs make these the perfect choice for teacher gifts, coach gifts, babysitter gifts or gifts for children's birthdays and such!

The slogan isn't a bad one to live by either......"Share your cookies." The good folks at Hope's will keep making more.

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