26 January 2009

It's A Process!

Every time I complete a project, my hindsight kicks in and I just about kick MYSELF. I always forget to take before photos, progress photos or any other sort of "see how I did this?" type documentation. I find those sorts of pictorials so fascinating when I see them elsewhere. Why don't I do it????

Mental block, I guess. I am always so preoccupied with the process itself and getting a good result.

But this time, I prevailed. This tree mural in a nursery is actually the 2nd of it's kind. I completed one almost identical a couple years back and a new client fell in love with it when she saw it in my photo gallery. We softened the colors a bit for her space and added some woodland creatures, but otherwise, kept true to the original.

The image on the left shows the first wash of color on the trunk and the taped-off section of wall that depicts where the crib will be. (We wanted to make sure the branches arched gracefully over the crib back.) The image on the right is the completed tree.....well, almost. The narrow dimension of the room made getting a complete shot impossible. I couldn't back up far enough! But you get the idea.

The process for a mural is often long and, in this case, there were so many more leaves than I could have conceived of when I first began painting! But the effort was worth the while in the end....especially since I remembered to snap some pictures.

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