10 February 2010

Snow & Glitter

It feels like a friday night because both my boys both have off tomorrow, one from preschool & the other from work. The snow is coming down outside and will be doing so throughout the night they say. So, instead of catching up on work, what am i doing? i'm playing with glitter, glue, wood blocks and tiny, tiny mirror tiles.

I know these aren't the greatest pics. But what can you do when it's midnight, you're indoors and, let's face it...a little lazy? At least these give you the idea, eh? i

i used 4" (roughly) wood blocks and decorated them up with silver glitter, mirror tiles and some Triple Thick glaze on the "c". The glaze is making the glitter look less sharp in this photo, but it looks really nice in person! Maybe i'll make a whole alphabet to dot around the house? Or maybe they'd look better grouped on a shelf? Who knows? It's supposed to be snowing for a looonnnggg time & i have a full tub of the sparkly stuff.

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