08 February 2010


i love the word "scatterbrain." it's so funny and not at all vicious, even though it's meaning is less than a compliment. it makes me think of some children's book character with disheveled eyeglasses, one kneesock up and one down...maybe Ramona Quimby? Remember her? or Amelia Bedelia? Do i have that right?
All i know is, it's a word i like to use and so i was tickled to be able to use it in the item description for this latest illustration.

"Miss Lookilou is a scatterbrain. She loses her favorite things all the time! But all she has to do is look UP to find them all twisted and tucked into her hair.

A seek-and-find illustration which is sure to reveal something new every time you look at it."

Available here. I hope you all enjoy!


  1. smiles abound. you should illustrate a childrens book!

  2. ah...my dream. if i am ever given the opportunity to illustrate a children's book, i would JUMP at the chance : ) thank you.