15 February 2010

Looking Back - art of a sleep-deprived new mom

As i was pulling together files for this website, i found myself looking through old archives on my trusty external hard drive. And looky what i found!

i made this digital illustration when my son was just an infant. (He's almost 4 now!) The idea came to me when his dark, dark baby hair started falling out, as i'd heard it likely would, and the new hair began growing in a very peculiar way. My little man was basically growing a mohawk! A cute, little fuzzy stripe of hair came in down the center of his head, and grew much quicker than the sides and it couldn't have been cuter. i thought this was genius, of course, and encouraged the teeny mohawk by combing the hair in toward the center and tidying it up for photos with some mom spit from time to time.

Now my nephew, who was 7 weeks younger than my guy was also having some hair anomalies. He had a little ol' baby mullet. Bid-ness in front and party in back, baby! The hair at the nape of his neck was his original baby hair and hung on for dear life, while the rest of his head was more like peach fuzz.

So, in my new-mommy-sleep-deprived-stupor, during late night feedings, and groggy daydreams, i came up with a little E! True Hollywood Story in my head about our rocker-babies who formed their own band with their awesome hair, wooden spoon drumsticks and wiffle-ball-bat guitars. This image above is how i imagined the cover of their album would look. Of course it HAD to be an album! i was thinking along the lines of super-cool lullabies and modernized nursery rhymes set to music....a rock-opera like "Tommy", but for the stroller set.

Anyway, i had so much fun digging in my archives, i may just make a little "looking back" feature a regular gig here on ye old blog. Lord knows what i'll find next.

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  1. What a find! I love looking back at my old work, tho I hardly remember creating some of it. Please share more. Would love to see!