30 December 2009

WHat i did in december

i didn't blog much this past month. But i kept up with a work load i am now proud to have conquered.
Every december, my advertising clients go into overdrive and my artwork and custom holiday card orders get a little out of hand. It's not fair to complain about a problem like this, but i have to bite my lip a little sometimes to keep myself from it. It's the month i most want to hang with family and friends, but also a month that will normally give me that elusive financial cushion i always dream about...(at least for a month or so before we inevitably spend it all and find ourselves cushion-less once again). This year i may have outdone myself and spent it all on the creation of a box-and-bow-filled wonderland in my living room. It was the first year my little guy "got" the concept of santa and christmas and wish lists. i couldn't help myself.
ok, ok, so all that said, if you were wondering what the heck i was doing this past month.....here's a little sampling of what's been coming out of my fingertips....and printer.
Happy Holidays!

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  1. love them Stephanie!! hope you guys had a great christmas:)