14 May 2009

Is it ME?

I have been working on a new logo for myself. It is the precursor to a new website which will be a better, more organized and more up to date gallery of my work. In the past, I've always thrown my name on the page in a nice font or something and not given a tremendous amount of thought to it. I am appalled now that this was the case. What's that they say about the cobbler having no shoes? I should have bee working to create my brand from the beginning. I should have been acutely aware that the way my logo looks is a glimpse of what my work will be and what my personality is like and should convey the overall feel of my aesthetic. I cannot believe I didn't draw it by hand before. I am an illustrator for goodness sake!
So, I mentally squooshed together all my drawings and colors preferences and personal taste, fed 'em into the playdough fun-factory that is my brain, and this is what came out on the other side.

But I'm not objective.

Do all of you who know me think this is me? Does it communicate my crazy, intricate style and still maintain enough simplicity for a logo?? I welcome feedback. I might take it to heart, I might stick to my gut. But communicating through images is always my goal, so I'm still interested to hear what this says to you. THANKS!

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