04 May 2009

Hairdo Series - Entry 2

I finished this piece tonight. It's the 2nd in a 5-piece series showing various angles of heads and hair which i've stylized in my signature fashion. (Piece 1 is very large and still unfinished! - it's coming, i swear!) I plan to reproduce the piece above in B&W and add multi-color as well. In fact, i was thinking of offering it in my etsy shop as a B&W "color your own" piece too, perhaps the entire series could be offered this way to customize to suit your taste or decor. Then you could have your own original artwork made by YOU with, you know, just a bit of help from me! Anyone have any thoughts on this idea? Tell me what you think.


  1. I think that's a great idea--why not market your work in as many creative ways as you can? I personally LOVE to color! Great piece, btw.

  2. thanks alex! maybe i will bring some to CBN next month : )

  3. i LOVE this idea - sorry it took me so long to comment.

    as soon as i read your email i was in love with the idea!