18 May 2009

Can You Believe it Sometimes Starts Like This?

I'm making some mixed media collage and ephemera pieces on wood boards. They'll have sketched kids over the collage and chalkboard word bubbles to capture the ever-changing funny musings of hysterical toddlers. The above thumbnail sketches are the starting point. Sometimes I look at sketches like these and think, "God, how does anything resembling art come out of the same hands that clumsily drew this?"
But here's the thing, I have always found that my roughest, thrown together, 20 second sketches always result in the best finished pieces. I think it's because when I force myself to sketch quickly, without a chance for second-guessing and such, the layout isn't labored and it's very organic. I posted this because I thought it would be interesting for ya'll to see the crazy transformation from glimmer in my eye, to finished piece.

1 comment:

  1. these look great to me. You should see my horrid sketches. Good thing I'm a seamstress.

    I really love this idea.