16 August 2009

I'm Back!

A two-week break is long enough.

I've been so burnt out on printing, packing, logging and listing artwork the past 2 weeks, there was just no juice left in me to blog each evening. SO, i'm going to ease back into things tonight by showing you this darling little (out of focus) snapshot. It's not original artwork, but it IS a work of art.
My 3-year-old son came trotting into my home office last thursday morning with his babysitter hot on his heels. He presented me with this teeny-tiny bundle of "flowers" with stems no thicker than fine grass. He said, "Mommy, i picked these for you cuz they're YEh-LLLLOW. That's your favorite color!" i said, "Yes it is! Thank you buddy! i love you so much!" "I love you the most mommy! you gotta put them in a vase!", he replied.

Well, of course, there exists no vase small enough to use for these. So, we settled on "making" our own out of coop's nearby modeling clay and i snapped this photo with an m&m in the shot to note scale.

Am i crazy? or is this the most adorable, precious thing ever? My little guy was beaming with pride and his eyes were just sparkling as i made a big fuss and held the "photo shoot."
If this isn't worth blogging about, i don't know what is. This is the good stuff.

(i should note: that green m&m was consumed by my flower-picker less than 3 seconds after the photo was snapped! i love you buddy.)....back to art posts tomorrow : )


  1. nothing more special than those wonderful little flowers from your most special little man