18 August 2009

FREE! Art Download - Mama Bird of them All

Time to download some artwork my friends!

As some of you may know, i offer archival quality B&W prints of my original drawings in my etsy shop. These pieces make up my You Color It Collection. It's a fun DIY project for anyone who never really grew out of their coloring book obsession, but who maybe likes things a bit more fancy and/or mature than My Little Pony nowadays. ( i personally love MLP still, but, you get my drift).

FYI, this is the piece that inspired it all. It was the first drawing i did in this style and then i couldn't stop for weeks! For the next 3 days, this artwork titled "Flower Bird", in all its high-resolution clarity, will be FREE for you to download and color to your heart's content. Just click the image to get the full size version in your browser window and then drag to your desktop and print. Enjoy! - xoxo, stephanie

As always, i'm open to suggestions for future downloads and subject matter you'd like to see, so comment away with your ideas.


  1. I have had the most fun with the chair coloring. More furniture? Or anything with fabric - your designs would make terrific fabric. Like a girl twirling her skirts? Drapes around a window?

    Thank you so much for the free download!

  2. thanks so much for this great coloring page.

  3. I printed this one also. I'm experimenting with adding yellow in my bedroom, and this could be a good place to start.

    It reminds me of what Salvador Dali would have drawn if he were a woman.

  4. I really do not want to sound stupid, but I guess I will anyways...I can't print this after I have dragged it to my desktop. It's a JPG and nothing I do lets me print..any ideas?

  5. hi alina, i'm not sure. Did you drag it onto your desktop and then click to open the file? anyone else out there have an idea for alina??