18 September 2009

Trace Your Hand Day

i helped my son trace his hand and decorate it with markers and glitter the other day, so i made one too. Mine took longer to decorate. i finished it today and thought it would be a fun post. Nice to get back to some basics, right?


  1. How fun! Can we see his artwork, too?

    LOVE the glitter on the fingernails. My 30-year-old daughter still holds dear the times she and I colored in coloring books together. She even kept the coloring books. Special times. Don't forget to keep doing such things together as he gets older!

  2. well, his hand got so full of glitter and glue that is bears little resemblance to a hand anymore. i couldn't bring myself to stifle him or be stingy with the glitter. i want to be a mommie who is remembered as always being generous with the glitter : )