31 December 2009

On New Year's Day in Philadelphia....

a little more of what i've been doing this december....

A few t-shirt designs for sale on a site called Mummerabilia.com
HELP SAVE A PHILLY TRADITION by purchasing a tee. Adult and kids' sizes are available.

Happy New Year!

30 December 2009

WHat i did in december

i didn't blog much this past month. But i kept up with a work load i am now proud to have conquered.
Every december, my advertising clients go into overdrive and my artwork and custom holiday card orders get a little out of hand. It's not fair to complain about a problem like this, but i have to bite my lip a little sometimes to keep myself from it. It's the month i most want to hang with family and friends, but also a month that will normally give me that elusive financial cushion i always dream about...(at least for a month or so before we inevitably spend it all and find ourselves cushion-less once again). This year i may have outdone myself and spent it all on the creation of a box-and-bow-filled wonderland in my living room. It was the first year my little guy "got" the concept of santa and christmas and wish lists. i couldn't help myself.
ok, ok, so all that said, if you were wondering what the heck i was doing this past month.....here's a little sampling of what's been coming out of my fingertips....and printer.
Happy Holidays!

15 December 2009

Dessert Made Fun-ner?

i have a sweet tooth. It's pretty impressive, actually. Not a day goes by that i do not eat some sort of chocolate or dessert, and usually go back for seconds. So, i clearly do not need any encouragement to reach for my dessert plates. But i think i might make these anyway.

The images below are just some crude digital mock-ups i made of what dessert plates in my little world might look like. My art decoupages and sealed under clear glass plates.

What do you guys think? would this encourage you to eat dessert? Do you need said encouragement?

13 December 2009

Li'l bit Bohemian

Am i getting predictable? Go figure, i've gone and done another series on wood boards with bright colors and a combo of organic undertones and fine, detailed illustration. This series was inspired by etsy seller, mandizzle, whose shop is filled with the most gorgeous floral headpieces and even prettier photos of them modeled by their creator!! i wrote and asked permission to use a few of these stunning shots as my inspiration for a few new pieces, and this is what turned out!

Prints are available in my etsy shop and the originals will be available at Hello Bluebird in West Reading.