26 August 2009

Froggy Pants

This is the new logo i made for Froggy Pants, a company that makes cutie-patootie belts and other fun accessories. I will give design credit to Angela Lacey, owner of the brand. i merely executed her vision. Visit here shop and buy a totally reasonably priced woven belt! Or, visit the HodePodgery in Harrisburg and pick one up there.

25 August 2009


Here's a portrait on stretched canvas i just completed and shipped. I sound like a broken record, but it makes me want a baby girl : )
Monochromatic portraits like this one are available in my etsy shop. But i think i may go back to oils pretty soon. The current listing is for acrylic. I miss the flexibility in drying time with the oils. Having a 3-year-old reminds me how precious it is to be able to leave the work and come back to it later!

18 August 2009

FREE! Art Download - Mama Bird of them All

Time to download some artwork my friends!

As some of you may know, i offer archival quality B&W prints of my original drawings in my etsy shop. These pieces make up my You Color It Collection. It's a fun DIY project for anyone who never really grew out of their coloring book obsession, but who maybe likes things a bit more fancy and/or mature than My Little Pony nowadays. ( i personally love MLP still, but, you get my drift).

FYI, this is the piece that inspired it all. It was the first drawing i did in this style and then i couldn't stop for weeks! For the next 3 days, this artwork titled "Flower Bird", in all its high-resolution clarity, will be FREE for you to download and color to your heart's content. Just click the image to get the full size version in your browser window and then drag to your desktop and print. Enjoy! - xoxo, stephanie

As always, i'm open to suggestions for future downloads and subject matter you'd like to see, so comment away with your ideas.

16 August 2009

I'm Back!

A two-week break is long enough.

I've been so burnt out on printing, packing, logging and listing artwork the past 2 weeks, there was just no juice left in me to blog each evening. SO, i'm going to ease back into things tonight by showing you this darling little (out of focus) snapshot. It's not original artwork, but it IS a work of art.
My 3-year-old son came trotting into my home office last thursday morning with his babysitter hot on his heels. He presented me with this teeny-tiny bundle of "flowers" with stems no thicker than fine grass. He said, "Mommy, i picked these for you cuz they're YEh-LLLLOW. That's your favorite color!" i said, "Yes it is! Thank you buddy! i love you so much!" "I love you the most mommy! you gotta put them in a vase!", he replied.

Well, of course, there exists no vase small enough to use for these. So, we settled on "making" our own out of coop's nearby modeling clay and i snapped this photo with an m&m in the shot to note scale.

Am i crazy? or is this the most adorable, precious thing ever? My little guy was beaming with pride and his eyes were just sparkling as i made a big fuss and held the "photo shoot."
If this isn't worth blogging about, i don't know what is. This is the good stuff.

(i should note: that green m&m was consumed by my flower-picker less than 3 seconds after the photo was snapped! i love you buddy.)....back to art posts tomorrow : )